We support the corporate world with business solutions and services that are of superior quality.

We Support you

Our Support services are price competitive and customizable to each client. This is accomplished through strict Service Level Agreements and a team of skilled support personnel.

We endeavor to provide top quality responses and sales support that afford our clients peace of mind and minimal downtime.

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At Thuni Logistics we have made huge investments in vehicles and infrastructure in order to distribute goods throughout Gauteng as safely and efficiently as possible.

We Deliver

Our objective — and this is worth repeating — is to deliver all consignments in the same condition they were loaded. We take pride in achieving this goal 24/7 with more than 150 trucks on the road on any given day. This ability makes Thuni Logistics one of the top transport companies in South Africa.

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Thuni Group specialises in the investment of agricultural land, biological assets, agricultural infrastructure and other related farming activities.

Impact farming

This is a community based project which  involves farming, it includes solving unemployment –  all 3 forms of farming  are labour intensive  entrepreneurship. Our goals are:

  • Solving unemployment
  • Bringing  entrepreneurship and community building
  • Breaking cycle of poverty

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